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Friday, January 21, 2011

Blinkie is finished!!!

Yeah!!! I finally got my blinkie done!!!
Thanks so much Carina For figuring it out for me!! and  Jennifer for sending me the link to help us!!!

I had so much fun making my Blinkie!!
Please feel free to Grab My Blinkie, Leave a comment saying you did and i will come grab yours!! :)

I would also like to thank all my new followers :)
If i am not one of your followers please let me know!!!

I will be doing some posting sometime this weekend, right now i am helping my daughter finish her book for school..When I'm done i will post those pics too!!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Scrapping
Pinkyswr :)


Carina said...

awww anytime pinky

Suzy said...

thanks for following my blog!

Haleyuns said...

Thanks for following my blog and grabbing my button! I am currently under contruction on my blog, but I am going to put your button somewhere! I love your blog!

jessica said...

I am a new follower...come check out my blog
I grabbed your button...I dont have one yet :( maybe soon


Just wanted to say a big WELCOME to everyone that visits my Blog!!

Thank you so much for following me, and leaving me all the sweet comments!

I can not tell you how great reading them makes me feel!!!

All of you have been so sweet, and i also want to thank CanadianNickel for helping me so much with my Blog!!!

You are such a sweet person for helping me, and taking the time to answer all my questions!!

I will be paying it forward!!!

pinkyswr :)