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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Kitty Book

This is something that my daughter and i are working on for her school project!
It is not finished yet, but just wanted to share with everyone!

 The title of the book is, Hello Kitties Rights...My daughter has to write a book on peoples Rights!
 The seams of the book are made out of # 10 Envelopes.
 Then we put Kitty tracks on the back, and Laminated both covers...Sorry for the shine!
Then when she does the pages, she will tape or glue them down to the envelope seams!!

Hope you like what we came up with so far!!
Oh did i mention that there has to be 2 pages that are pop ups??? Yeah :)
Thanks for stopping by
Pinkyswr :)


Carina said...

That is Really Cool

pinkyswr said...

yes i so proud hahahahaha

Erika Valdez said...

SOOO cute!! DID you enter this on the Flaunt it Friday challenge?

pinkyswr said...

No i didnt Erika, i didnt know about that, and its not a finished project yet!
Ty though for the idea


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pinkyswr :)